North Carolina Outward Bound School Provides Life-Affirming Experiences

NCOBS introduces students to the joys and challenges of expeditionary canoe travel, camp craft and group dynamics while traveling in the unique ecosystems of Florida’s waterways.  Photo courtesy of NCOBS.

Whitney Montgomery, Executive Director of the North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS), recalls a letter he received from a mother whose son had gone through the wilderness expedition program last year. She wrote, “My son was having an extremely tough time over the last few years at home and in school. When he arrived home from his Outward Bound course, we quickly noticed a change. He said he feels this was the largest challenge he's had in his life, and that he was wholly successful in handling it."

NCOBS challenges people to achieve more than they ever thought possible. “We offer courses for teens, adults, school groups, educators, business professionals and veterans, that are challenging and inspiring,” said Montgomery. “Our wilderness expeditions help people discover their potential and build meaningful, personal skills.”

This past year, NCOBS provided scholarship support for 40% of their students. “Our participants use what they’ve learned to actively engage in creating a better world,” said Montgomery. “And thanks to our strong donor base that supports our programs and services, we are able to help more and more people each year.”

Recognizing the importance of honoring the needs of their donors and building their endowment, NCOBS turned to The Community Foundation. “The Community Foundation does an incredible job managing our assets,” said Montgomery. “With a donor base of over 100,000 alumni from all over the world, NCOBS yields substantial returns on our investment by partnering with The Community Foundation.”

Montgomery recognizes that philanthropy begins with connection—to a person, a cause, an organization, and a set of values. “We engage with The Community Foundation because we understand that our collective energy, sense of purpose and effective investments support our progress and the wider community.”

"We are grateful for the trusted relationship we share with The Community Foundation" 
- Whitney Montgomery, Executive Director

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