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Houck and K.B. Medford partner with CFWNC to protect the Blue Ridge Parkway and to carry on their family legacy. Learn more by watching The Long View.  Photo by Marc Hunt.

As your partner in philanthropy, The Community Foundation invites you to take advantage of our services for fundholders. You have chosen to make the most of your charitable intentions by opening a fund with us and we are here to help.

Philanthropic Advisors

The Community Foundation’s goal is to help you give easily, happily and strategically. You can call on us for the tools and information you need to meet your philanthropic goals. We will provide opportunities for you to learn about specific charitable organizations and issues, and can match you to causes and projects that fit your interests. We can help you develop your legacy, meet other donors and learn more about our community.

A key role of The Community Foundation is to match donor funds with promising projects across Western North Carolina. Through multiple grant programs and careful review processes, the Foundation’s staff and board work together to award grants that improve quality of life in our region. Simply put, CFWNC grants are an investment in the future of Western North Carolina.

If you have a fund and would like to recommend a grant to a nonprofit, you can log in to DonorCentral or you can download the grant recommendation form [PDF].


Giving Wisely

Donors who give through The Community Foundation have access to expertise developed through our deep experience with the nonprofit community. Our staff is available to discuss your charitable intentions and help you formulate a giving strategy. We can research local nonprofits, recommend specific organizations and connect you to other experts.


Financial and Investment Expertise

The thoughtful stewardship of the assets in The Community Foundation’s care is a core responsibility. We have a sustained record of prudent investment management and offer fundholders the option to recommend investments among multiple portfolios. Fundholders are able to access institutional quality investments and capitalize on the benefits of a multi-manager, diversified approach by working with us. We are experienced in gifting complex gift assets and can help with complicated transactions.

The thoughtful stewardship of The Community Foundation’s assets is a critical responsibility of the board of directors. The Foundation’s investment program utilizes multiple levels of oversight in managing assets for the benefit of Western North Carolina.

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