In 2018, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy was awarded two $15,000 grants to survey conservation easements on farms owned by the Rogers Family in the Crabtree community of Haywood County. The area includes significant headwaters of the Pigeon River, which is now protected forever from real estate development. Photo courtesy of SAHC.

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License Establishing The Pigeon River Fund

The State of North Carolina and Carolina Power & Light (now Duke Energy) established the Pigeon River Fund. CP&L, pursuant to a License issued November 4, 1994 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, provided funds to support the types of purposes outlined in this grantmaking program. Projects and activities must provide direct benefits: to surface water quality; fish and wildlife habitat in the immediate vicinity of a surface water body; fishery management; or public access to a surface water body in a covered river basin. "Covered river basin" shall include the Pigeon River and French Broad River basins as depicted in the State of North Carolina Hydrologic Unit Map - 1974. A majority of the Fund dollars authorized for expenditure in any given year must be committed within the Pigeon River Basin, unless the Pigeon River Fund Board determines that this condition should be waived due to the unavailability of projects in the Pigeon River Basin. Activities undertaken with contributions by the licensee must provide direct benefits within the Carolina Power & Light service area in Western North Carolina as it exists as of the date of this license. Projects and activities must not be related to or in support of litigation in any administrative or judicial forum, other than litigation intended to protect the Fund's monetary assets or in defense of challenges to the Pigeon River Fund Board's decisions.

 A complete copy of the License is available upon request.

Review the Pigeon River Fund License Statement


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